Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well Noted

Given that I no longer work a full-time job, but will instead be pursuing my acting full-time, I will need to somehow still pay ze billz. Currently I'm putting together an updated resume and am noting some things I did at my previous job. The majority of these "key responsibilities" are actually eerily similar to those of the senior manager position. Interesting. Last time I checked my salary wasn't that of a senior member of the team. No, it was actually more like what you'd pay someone for babysitting your socially retarded 8 year-old for 50 hours a week. Oh right, plus benefits.

Oh Corporate America - how yummy the candy that you stole from the baby must taste!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

P is for Punishment

Not in the mood to be witty today. Sort of tired and suffering from that thing that happens once a month - well the beginning stages at least.

Had a good chat with a good person earlier who reminded me that no matter how hard you try to make someone out to think more like you - they never will. Sometimes I put so much stress and pressure on things where it's not really needed. If I took say, ten minutes before letting the crazy train roll of the tracks, maybe I wouldn't scream and curse so much.

It's how we do where I'm from. You didn't take the time to breathe and say "okay, not a big deal". Instead you screamed your head off making it an even bigger deal. When really all you want out of life is to be happy, like what you're doing, the people you're surrounded by, and to eat as much fucking cheese as you'd like.

Really this sums it up people.

But aside from my lame post, enjoy this:

Show Pony

Just found out from several reliable sources that the sweet little princess shown here in my arms (who we rented - yes you can rent dogs here in Tokyo) is in fact a little star. She does commercials, has won several dog shows, and on top of this is available for work now that she's left her full-time job at a handbag company.

Well, what the fuck are you waiting for?? Hire her already!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tune In Tokyo Part Deux

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tune In Tokyo

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Battle is Won With All These Things That I've Done

I'm getting ready to head out for Indian food, cocktails, and bowling/karaoke. But first I await the arrival of my beau. Or my Roo as my friend Stokes would say. While I wait, I'm watching Japanese TV and there is this variety show on right now. There is a man singing "Sunrise Sunset" Japanese, while clenching a purple boa and wearing white gloves. He's clearly a class act. A class Japanese act. And I'm sure he's not gay. At all. Oh god, he just spun around to show off his outfit. Maybe on second thought....

So this past weekend was a busy traveling one. Like the Allmans I was a rambling man. Well minus the drugs, the beard, Cher.... We went to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, and an island off of Hiroshima. I hiked, visited temples, got chased by deer, and was humbled by Hiroshima - a city now devoted to peace. NY can learn a thing or two. And I'm speaking to you shitty asshole cab drivers. Don't give me attitude just because you can't find Perry Street.

I'll post pictures once I get around to not being such a lazy little bug. I looked over at my Flickr tab before and the last time I updated it was - July? June? Well done Allocco. You're a star. In your own big fat head.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Gone But Not Forgotten

Now that I'm in Nippon, there are things I am now without as they are still back home. Sure family, friends.....but most importantly - Laguna Beach Season 3. There was a time when nothing could come between me and my Laguna. But this time around I've been disloyal to the series. Mainly because I sort of have a life now and can't always watch it (I said sort of . assholes) Especially now in a city who's latest series on MTV is "Newlyweds Season 2". Hate to spoil it for you Asia, but the ending - not so happy. But enjoy watching the train that was the Lachey/Simpson union, go off the tracks. I know I did.

How ever am I going to manage not knowing what's happening on US network shows???! Well pals, I go tvgasm. Mainly for the the Laguna Recaps (the most recent one from this week left me numb from laughing so hard) and let's not forget Rockstar Supernova - the worst band ever. I just had to, find out who won. I know it's big news when three dudes from three one-time successful bands (well okay maybe Metallica still has a chance if they'd stop making documentaries and crying so much) choose their new singer. Big news in Ohio, that is. Maybe Florida...they like the cheesy Creed type rock n roll. But here in Japan, they don't know who Gilby Clark is. Don't think they really care either.

But seriously, you should check the site out. I would link it to this entry but I'm on a Mac and suddenly it's 1989 and I don't know how to work computers. Besides, it's 3:30 in the afternoon here so I'm going to go "work out" (aka: stand around a lot and take water/Us Weekly breaks).

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Free Love on the Freelove Freeway

Is it possible to hate someone you never met, based solely on photographs and stories? I say that hate is a strong word, but in this case I'm pretty valid in using it. So come on, yay or nay?

And no this has nothing to do with new cast of Laguna Beach. Well maybe one of them. And LC's friend from "The Hills". And Jessica Simpson. Okay but really guys this is a really good question.

The Likes Of Such

Earlier this afternoon I remembered something I once said. I was in 8th grade, he was in 10th, we were doing a show together. He mentioned something about his "hot" girlfriend to some of the other cast members. I then angrily turned to him and yelled, "well she might be hot but I'm the funniest girl you KNOW. ADMIT IT!". No one said anything for a long minute before someone finally shouted "boner", and then everyone cracked up. I (thinking I created the joke) laughed while they laughed at me. Clearly not with.

As you can see I was a bright child with a healthy dose of self-esteem.

Now go fuck yourself. Everyone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Getting Older Too....

One of the reaons I don't think I ever went away too far away for college or lived in a city other than NY (yeah Hoboken doesn't count fuckers) is so that I could be close to my family. Case in point, I am here in Japan having a gay ol' time (lots of Garland with gay men and the likes I'm sure) and found out 12 hours after it happened that my dad went into the hospital. The same adorable little man who came to see my show on Saturday, so that he could see his youngest (dare I say cutest and most favorite? No? Well alright...) before she went off to Asia for a month.

It's not fun to be so far away from your fmaily when this happens. It's actually not fun at all to have someone you love and care about in the hospital. And on top of it, you're thirteen hours ahead and don't find out until the next day since you were fast asleep while everyone back home was up and moving around about to start the day you just finished.

The good news is that he is going to be okay. And when I get home the first thing I'm going to do (after hugging him of course) is taking his cigerettes and throwing them over the fence into the neighbor's yard. To borrow a line from Airplane 2, "You heard the captain NO SMOKING. N.O. S.M.O.K.I.N.G. NOOOOOOO SMOKING!!"

If this continues I'll be forced to read you this book while a nurse feeds you baby food!

Get better quickly dad!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Can Be

My home away from home here in Tokyo. It's almost 11am on tuesday and I'm nursing a teeny tiny cold I probably got on the flight over. I am lying here on an oh so comfy leather sofa, looking out onto Tokyo 20 stories below me, while I drink some tea and watch Season two of "The Office". I've seen this one before and I'm screaming with laughter as Gareth and David try to carry the girl in the wheelchair downstairs during the fire drill. Then after a half-hearted attempt leave her there on the stairwell. SCREAMING. WITH. LAUGHTER.

In other news, I must thank everyone for coming out Saturday night to The Kissing Booth. Stellar performances, a great crowd and as always a dance-party with non-other than DJ Law Torello on the 1,2's. Yes, I will never use the term "on the 1,2's" ever again. No really.

Friday, September 08, 2006

And So It Goes

My empty cubicle. We had some fun times you cramped space....we had some fun times

Please note that they have left of "Jo" in the middle. Please also note the professional.

I wish I took pictures of my cubicle before I packed everything up. Sigh.

Well it's my last day here at the same place I have been working* at since April 2002. I held this job longer than any romantic relationship, met many good friends, had many good times, and most importantly realized that no matter how much you pay me - I can't pretend to get a hard on for handbags. Aww, that has a nice ring to it. I think I will name my solo show "Hard On For Handbags" and write about this place.


* Working hard - 40% , Hardly Working - 60%

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You Made Me Want You

And all the time you knew it, I guess you always knew it.....

TKB: How We Spent Our Summer Vacations THIS SATURDAY!!!

Impossible to read? Go here for more info. Scallywags.

Do You Remember Dancing in September, Never Was a Cloudy Day

My first post of the ninth month. Man, I'm really being quite the douche when it comes to updating this. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I got weighed today at my doctor's and it appears yours truly has gained ten pounds in one year. "Maybe it's muscle", one friend offered. "Maybe the scale was off", offered another. No my sweet lasses and lads - I'm just getting older, metabolism can no longer be controlled with synthroid, and I'm pretty positive that "working out" once a week isn't doing shit. Something else I'm pretty positive about? That if you cut off my leg, gravy would pour out.

The good news is that I still fit in my clothing. Albeit a bit tight at times, I don't need a new wardrobe.

And somemore good news - baby girl is headed to Japan (AGAIN). My third time in a year. This time for a month. Something tells me I'll get plenty of excercise while I'm there....DOING IT!

I leave you for now with this. I hope to see it while I'm in Tokyo.